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SVTPCA is the number one online magazine that is read by millions of subscribers on a monthly basis. SVTPCA prioritizes applicants looking to achieve their dreams by informing them of the endless employment opportunities in the glorious region of Silicon Valley.

Every day, we build thousands of bridges that connect aspiring workers from all over the world to excellent job openings they can apply to.

Since our launch, our site has been viewed more than a million times by visitors from different regions of the globe.

We have communicated with many people looking to start their own journey and we have helped thousands of workers acquire the job of their dreams and earn profitable salaries. At SVTPCA, your job interest is our priority.

Our People

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At SVTPCA, our vision is to set up a dynamic network that connects aspiring employees to their future employers. We have managed to do this by employing our very own excellent staff that contribute so that SVTPCA can achieve its goals and objectives.

We foster a growth-focused workplace that strives to implement the most positive experience for job seekers visiting our site and looking for guidance.


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Our team is spectacularly managed by a board that is keenly interested in achieving the missions and visions of SVTPCA. We have a chairman who is eager to help, we have various officers that are readily available for any necessary participation, and we have a president that aims high so that SVTPCA can continue to grow and help more people in the future.

This is important in our operations because we understand how significant it is to appoint the right people at the top so that the hierarchy of the organization will have a fruitful order.

Our leaders are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to bringing the most excellent service to our readers, subscribers and site visitors.